Recruit a friend and

Receive a bonus of € 1000

At Maintec, we believe in sharing opportunities and encouraging collaboration. That's why we have developed a special incentive program. Do you know someone who is interested in a technical profession or is already working on a technical education? Then bring them to us and enjoy great benefits yourself!

If you refer a friend or colleague to Maintec and that person comes to work with us, a reward is waiting for you. You not only deserve appreciation for sharing this great opportunity, but also a well-deserved incentive. After all, at Maintec we know how valuable your participation is!

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Do you work for Maintec?

Bring a Friend campaign is only available to employees employed by Maintec.

The employee goes to work and you get your compensation

If we find a suitable job, the employee will start working and you will have the right to the above compensation.

If the bringer works for Maintec, then we can pay the compensation. The compensation then amounts to:

  • €500, once the attached employee has worked a minimum of 520 hours (around three months) for Maintec;
  • After another 520 hours worked, the compensation amounts to another €500;

How does it work?

- Speak to your friend and ask for their updated resume in English.

- Fill in the form below.

- Our Recruiter - Aneta van Herwijnen will contact your friend.

“Bring a Friend” Form